Thursday, 31 May 2012

A bit more about us

We are based in the heart of South Wales and love the history and heritage of our local area.
I'm Leanne Edwards.  
I have a huge soft spot for vintage style and love the nostalgia and romance associated with bygone times.
My love of vintage probably stems from the happy memories of my childhood 
(that's me below in the early 80's!).
In the 1970's and early 80's my Nan ran a second-hand shop in the South Wales valleys.  The shop was filled with an eclectic range of homeware, clothing and every day items.
When the shop closed my Nan kept most of the stock and when i visited her house she would let me rummage through her cupboards and play shop.

I spent most of my school holidays dressing up in old silk scarves and making tents out of traditional Welsh wool blankets...
if only we had kept them!

Growing up i also had a fascination with other peoples homes and loved to watch Through The Keyhole with Loyd Grossman. 
I actually used to wander around my grandparents house commenting on it's features in a terrible Loyd Grossman voice.  They thought it was hilarious.

I still love home decor and often stop to admire old buildings...but thankfully i don't do the voice anymore!

I'm Debra Jones.
 I love crafting, interior design and also have a huge passion for vintage style.

As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed making things.
(this is the book i used as a child which used to belong to my mum!)
 Anything that could be used for my arts and crafts projects would be saved and up-cycled into gifts that I would proudly give away to my family and friends.

I also loved french knitting with a cotton reel and would crochet and knit scarves for all my dolls.

(that's me in the lovely pink jumper)
I have always been fascinated by interiors and remember helping with my bedroom d├ęcor from a very young age. 

My first bedroom theme was Sarah Kay.

Over the years my tastes have changed and developed into a love of vintage-shabby chic style. I now enjoy adding my own stamp to new purchases and own a eclectic mix of pieces which i have picked up anywhere from flea markets to high street boutiques.

At Love from Rosie, we believe that your home is the most important place on earth.  What makes it truly special is the people that live there and the items with which you fill it. 

Leanne & Debra

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