Sunday, 24 February 2013

Step back in time: 1940's Swansea Bay

Living in Wales we are very fortunate to be surrounded by history and have some fabulous museums, ancient castles and historic sites right on our door step.

We are both fascinated by history and love nothing better than heading to a local museum on a well earned day off .

Our little ones love learning about 'the olden days' and taking part in activities, whilst we get to indulge our passion for the past and usually get to enjoy a nice cup of tea and cake!

Over the next few months we will share our experiences with you in a series of posts that 'Step back in time'.

Last week we stepped back to the 1940's with a visit to 1940's Swansea Bay.  It is a small, family run museum that tells the story of life in South Wales during WWII.

At the entrance to the museum there are several replica WWII vehicles.
Whilst inside the museum, visitors are able to try on authentic clothes and uniforms, find out what people could eat with a week’s rations and even experience the sights and sounds of an air raid.

The children enjoyed trying on hats...but they really didn't like the gas mask!

We saw a replica of an RAF Operations Rooms.  This would have been used to plot the progress of enemy bombers and direct fighter planes to try to stop them.

We sat in an air raid shelter and listened to the sounds of an actual bombing raid.  When the 'All clear' was sounded, we emerged into a realistic 1940's street scene to see the damage caused by bombs.

Then we wandered through the 1940's street which includes a house, a pub, a clothes shop and a barbers shop, all complete with authentic props.

The children particularly liked playing the piano in the pub and it was fascinating to look around all the shops.

There is even a grocers shop displaying some of the everyday foods and groceries that were available during the war.

Rationing was in force at the time and it is difficult to imagine how people lived on such a small amount of food.

At the end of the tour we all had fun listening (and dancing) to some 1940's music.

We had a lovely time and would recommend a visit.  We are looking forward to going back again at Easter for one of their Living History Events.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our day out.

Leanne & Debra


  1. wow what fantastic photographs. It looked as if you had a great time at the museum.

  2. Love your 'Step back in time' posts! I'm going to Devon and Cornwell this summer but I think I'll try to convince my boyfriend to make a trip to Wales as well. Tredegar House seems really nice and it isn't that far from Bath I guess. I would like to see a lot more of Wales, but that's not going to happen this vacation but maybe we can take a sneak peak with a day trip to the House :)