Friday, 16 August 2013

School holiday camping fun

With the children off school for six weeks it can be quite difficult to keep them entertained. Especially when it's raining! 

In this weather our little ones really love to make dens. We gather up lots of blankets and cushions and make a cosy little space for them to play (just like we did when we were little). 

When the weather is good, our little ones also love to go camping.

We recently went with a group of friends to the beautiful Heritage Coast Campsite in South Wales.

 The children had great fun playing in the tents, running around in the grass and eating sausages from the campfire!

We also noticed that this month our best seller on the website has been this Cowboy Wigwam.

It is great for indoor and outdoor play, making it perfect for the unpredictable British weather!

We are hoping the weather will improve again soon so we can enjoy a few more camping trips before the children go back to school.

Whatever you've been doing, we hope you're enjoying the holidays.

Leanne & Debra

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