Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A wonderful start to the festive season

This month we started the festive season with a family trip to choose our Christmas trees. It was wonderful to see the children deciding which trees will take pride of place at home and the smell of the trees throughout the house has certainly got us in a festive mood.

This year we bought our trees locally at Aber Farm, Ogmore Vale. It is the farm's first year selling Christmas trees and we received a very warm welcome.  

There were plenty of trees to chose from and Iris also had lots of fun playing with the lovely farm dogs.

It felt great to support our local farm and we came home with perfect freshly cut trees.  

I'm sure we will be visiting them again next year!

This month we will also be enjoying the build up to Christmas with plenty of fun family activities such as crafting with our little ones, baking festive treats and choosing gifts for our loved ones.

We will keep you posted with our adventures over the next few weeks and also share with you a few of our recipes and decorating ideas.

Have you put up your tree yet?  

If not, happy decorating!

Leanne & Deb